A Lack Of ‘Do Somethng’

To listen to the gurus you would think that all you need to succeed is to find and then follow your passion.

If only…

It seems once again that we’ve been mislead (purposely or otherwise) by well-meaning wrongheads or dishonest hacks looking to get rich.

Whether you like it or not, you have to work at it.
When I first started in television I would stay up for days on end making sure that the project I was producing was completed (I was much younger then).
It was fun. I would have paid them to do it.
The all-nighters, the lost weekends, and the working vacations didn’t seem like work…
but it was work nonetheless. 
I wonder what keeps us from doing what we believe in our hearts we want to do?
Is it a lack of willpower? Lack of energy? Fear?
Do we believe the hype? Do we believe that it’s easy? And when it’s not we give up?
Or is it more basic?  
Is it that we forgot that doing something you love still requires that you do something.
– m

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