Success Is A Drug

by - m on 09/22/2017


Success is a drug.

Once you’ve experienced success all you want to do is

keep being successful.

You want more success

and you’ll do anything to get it.

and anything to keep it.

And then you’re hooked.





Money is an enabler. (see

Money is a standard of measure. (see

Money may not buy happiness, but it’s related…

Money contributes to better healthcare.

Money provides better education

and home ownership.

Yes, the love of money may be the root of all kinds of evil.

But, the ability to follow your bliss lasts only as long as having enough money to sustain the journey.

Save wisely my friend.

– m


Where Were You A Year Ago?

by - m on 09/20/2017



A year ago today was nothing special.

It was spent doing whatever a person ‘looking for the next challenge’ usually does…

…trying to stay focused on the task at hand – on the goal

or just trying to get through another day like the last one.

“Same shite, different day.”

is not a maxim to live by.



If It Ain’t Broke…

by - m on 09/19/2017


At the very least

your job is to leave things better than how you found them.

If you can’t do that

the best course of action may be to do




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