90% Is Crap

by - m on 06/12/2012

In his blog post, 90% is Crap, Bob Sutton makes a case that most of what the so-called business gurus promote as original concepts have actually been around for a while.

Mr. Sutton admits that the only “breakthrough idea” in his book “The No Asshole Rule” (which was based on something his father taught him when was nine years old) was that the Harvard Business Review had the courage to print the word “Asshole” in its publication.

Here are Bob’s guidelines for assessing so-called “breakthrough” ideas.

  1. Treat OLD ideas as if they were OLD ideas.
  2. Be suspicious of breakthrough ideas and studies.
  3. What are the incentives for the people who are selling you the idea?
  4. Are they telling you that “all the best companies” are doing it?
  5. Does it seem too obvious?
I take a lot of stock in Bob Sutton’s advice. Not because he comes up with the best titles…
Because he makes the most sense.
– m

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