8 Ways To Stand Out


Speak your mind
In great companies this has the benefit of sparking debate and changing the status quo.

Have a point of view
No one likes a ‘yes man’. Even when you agree with the boss, have something to add.

Say “yes and” instead of “yes but”
Break this bad habit and recognize the power of the change. 
For example: “Yes we could take over, but we would have to deliver the product on time.” OR “Yes we could take over, and we would have to deliver the product on time.”
Shut up
Sometimes colleagues just want someone to listen. They don’t want your opinion.

Do what you say you are going to do
This tactic is refreshing and memorable.

constructive criticism 
Stop holding court. Base your opinion on something more than your personal bias. 
Ignore trends
Who wants to create a short-lived phenomenon? 
Create a trend
The masses love short-lived phenomena.
– m

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